DH360 Line Dance Recap 4/19/17

So while I was away, 4 new dances were introduced to Wednesday nights! We took tonight to review/reteach 3 of them.

Here are the new ones:
Crash A Little
Money Maker
Bring On the Good Times

And some other cool ones we broke out:
Beers Ago
Dream Lover
Dane With Me Baby

DH360 Partner Pattern Dancing 4/6/17

Another good turnout and a lot of fun. Tonight’s focus was finishing the table setting for having a few established dances and rekindling some old favorites. Beginners were welcomed back and got a review on their material as well as our experienced dancers who also got the same and a few refreshers on some old favorites.

The new teaches for the night:
Electric Slide (Couples)

Cotton Eyed Joe
Cowboy Merengue
La Estrella
Southside Girl

Our next Partner Pattern Dance is scheduled for Thursday, 4/20/17. Here is the Facebook Event.

At this point it looks like El Paso & Jubilee Stroll are up for teaches. We will be using both original music and alternative songs.

DH360 Line Dance Recap 4/5/17

Tonight’s featured dances were requested reteaches that may have been recently missed by some of the regular dancers and for others an opportunity to freshen up on ones they know. Here’s the rundown of those and the reviews:

The Fighter
Drift Away
Stomp Like Hell
Aces and Eights
I’ll Be There

*The Fighter will be a floor split at the Cadillac Ranch with another version in the front.

DH360 Line Dance Recap 4/4/17

Here are the featured dances at Dance Hall 360 from the Intro and Beginner’s classes on Tuesday 4/4/17:

Baby Star
Dirty Underwear
Shotgun Jenny

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 4/4/17

To wrap up the first session of line dancing in Middletown, we have some amazing new dancers in the line dance world!

The Intro class started the next part of the journey being introduced to syncopation. That dreaded “&” count that made everything we know oh so much more confusing is now a new topic of conversation. Not to mention, they also picked up the dance “Shake It” rather quickly as all the steps in there are from previous dances. It was pointed out that all the dances up until this time moved in a counter-clockwise direction.

The Beginner class was introduced to a multi-directional changing dance and a few variants of 3/4 turns with “Road Less Traveled”. They are moving up from dancing a single wall, then turning! “EZ Tango With Me Darling” seemed to be the class favorite as they are also asking for it when they walk in.

Here are the new dances taught on Tuesday 4/4/2017:
Cowboy Charleston
Shake It
Road Less Traveled

Partner Pattern Dancing List & Requests

Dear Partners,

This is a link to what we have started as a list of Partner Pattern Dances for our Thursday night events. It includes dances we know, have known, standards, currents, requests, etc.

Feel free to check them out and put in your requests on what you’d like to see taught, reviewed, brought back, etc. We will have a better idea on what we’re learning and teaching closer to the next dance scheduled for Thursday, April 6th.

Facebook Event


DH360 Line Dance Recap 3/29/17

Here’s a list of the featured dances from Dance Hall 360 for Wednesday 3/29/17:

Aces and Eights
Stomp Like Hell
I’ll Be There
In Your Suitcase


DH360 Line Dance Recap 3/28/17

Here is the rundown of new dances taught at Dance Hall 360 for the Intro/Beginner dances on 3/28/17:

Do You Remember
EZ Tango With Me Darling

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 3/28/17

It was an extremely impressive class tonight. Both the Intro and Beginner’s classes were on their game and willing to get right to it!

The Intro class started the night with some one-wall walk-thrus and picked up their featured dance in just under fifteen minutes and had time left over for some open dancing. We also talked about dance floor etiquette and what kind of things to expect when visiting dance halls and clubs.

The Beginner class was geared to go before they showed up! Storming through the doors early and asking to get right to the previous week’s reviews was enough to excite me and get the rest of the class amped up to dance!

Here are a list of features from this class;

Do You Remember
Mr Dee Jay
Como Yo Y
I’m No Angel
Mamma Maria
And It Goes Like This

EZ Tango With Me Darling
Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby
Little Rumba
Road Less Traveled


DH360 Partner Pattern Recap 3/23/17

In the first dedicated partner pattern class we’ve held since 2015, it’s almost like we’ve never stopped…. almost! Several couples from the former dance hall came back and we’ve introduced some new dancers to the world of partner pattern dancing.

The pilot class is always a start up to get everyone acclimated to either a new environment or new program. This was a little of both depending on who the dancers were. So the expectation was teach a few easy standards and have some new and old dances ready to go for teaches. Add that to “let’s see what they know” and it becomes a juggling act!

Here’s how the night flowed; we started with something for newbies and warm ups for the returning dancers, went on to teach something new for everyone, took a break for reviews a song options then taught another new dance and left it to open dance for those that recalled anything they wanted to do.

Cotton Eyed Joe
Cowboy Merengue
La Estrella
Southside Girl

*Note that as with many translations over time, older steps may not be exact to the listed sheets.*

This class and dance will be conducted every other week by Aric & Sheryl. The format will likely model the line class on Wednesday with reviews and easy teaches in the first hour, a solid lesson around 7 and open dance to follow.

The next session will be on April 6th (Facebook Event Page).Facebook Event Page
The featured lesson is preferably a reteach of an oldie, please put your picks in the comments of this event, contact Aric, etc to help decide which we’re going to do. For beginners, we will have Electric Slide Couples and North Carolina Stroll ready to go!